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be careful of the Murdock boys

they got the devil in 'em

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Name:Matt Murdock
"He never got knocked out, my dad. Knocked down, sure. But he always got back up. He was always on his feet when he lost. Every now and then, though, he'd get hit and something inside of him would snap. My grandmother, she was the real Catholic. Fear of God ran deep. You'd have liked her. She used to say, "Be careful of the Murdock boys. They got the devil in 'em."

And you'd see it sometimes in the ring. His eyes would go dead ... and he'd start walking forward real slow, hands at his sides, like he wasn't afraid of anything. And the other guy, he'd see that look, and he'd try to get away from him. Nah. My dad, he'd catch him and trap him in the corner. Let the devil out. Yeah. Now, I didn't understand it, you know? What he was feeling deep inside. I didn't understand it. Not back then."
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